2017 With Thomas Cook

A country of cultural and culinary delights, diverse regions and sandy beaches, Spain is the perfect location for a relaxing break teamed with culture and history. Our residences offer you so much much more than just luxury accommodation, our passion is tied-up in the stories behind the houses, the owners and the guests that stay in them. Exclusive Collection hotels give the ultimate luxury they are the finest, most opulent hotels supplying superlative service and outstanding facilities, which will satisfy the wants of even the most discerning traveller. Not surprisingly, these three months are the leading travel months for luxury vacations. For these who want something various, the primary focus at this luxury hotel in Ibiza is all about comfort and relaxation. Ancient wonders, fragrant citrus groves and pristine beaches are some of the luxuries Europe affords. For that reason, if you can not afford luxury holiday in these...

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