How to Cash in on Being a Knowledgeable and Fun Travel Blogger

Travelers often fit into three categories: the first timers, the occasionals, and the all-the-timers. There is a wealth of knowledge to spread across all types of travelers, well-seasoned or not, but this article is specific for those that want to cash in on their extensive travels across this country and others. For travelers with a list of places to be, things to do, and blogs to update, this blog is all for you with DIYs on how to spread your knowledge while you hop from one destination to the next. Start a Travel Blog and Garner Audiences by Befriending Other Bloggers and Working into Their Niche Beginning a travel blog is a good way to get yourself heard and put your name on a possible business later on. That said, there are hundreds of bloggers in the world, and each is involved in their own version of the same...

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Staying Safe On The Bus

Sometimes, public transportation is your only option for getting to work or getting to the places in town you need to go to in order to get food or pay bills. Although the Galveston Island bus service is usually safe for passengers to enjoy, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind so that you reach your destination and get back home without any issues. Unless you have someone riding the bus with you or you know the people who ride the bus on a regular schedule, then try not to be approachable to others. If people sense that you are friendly and that you’ll talk to them, then you might begin talking and miss your bus stop or encounter someone who tries to overwhelm you in other ways. Keep all of your personal belongings in a bag or as close to your body as possible...

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