Choosing a Rifle for Deer Hunting

The thrill of the hunt is enjoyed by many every year when choosing deer hunting south carolina. However, being prepared for the hunting trip will depend on a couple of different things. Naturally you will want to go where somewhere you feel has the highest chance of success. There are many places that offer hunting services such as Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge. Selecting a deer rifle is as important as the place where you will be hunting.

What Type Should you Choose?

The type of deer rifle needed will be contingent on where you will be hunting and of course, the animal. Large caliber rifles are used in areas where the brush is heavier. Typically a small caliber and bolt-action rifles are used for hunting at a distance. However, the bolt-action rifle is not a good rifle for tight spaces. Reloading while in a crouched position can be difficult and you risk scaring the deer and having it take off before getting your gun reloaded.

Choose a rifle that reloads easily. Lever actions and automatics are good especially when you need to shoot more than once. Brands are really not one of the most important aspects although many hunters swear by a particular brand. Being comfortable with the gun is important so you should practice at a shooting range after choosing a rifle to make sure it is a good fit. Many people find rifles with shorter barrels are easier to handle.

One of the things that most people do not think about when choosing a rifle is how far it is from the stock or butt of the rifle and your face. This is called the “drop”. Siting requires that you put your cheek against the stock allowing your eyes line up with the site. If the drop is too much, you will not be able to use the site effectively and when the rifle recoils it can hit your face.

If you are getting a hunting trip together you might ask some of your friends what type of rifle they use and prefer. This is a good way to get an idea of what type is used by those who have been successful when it comes to hunting deer. Don’t forget that deer can see, smell, and hear far better than we can and this is their first line of defense against hunters.

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