Europe Trip Arranging

travel europe by trainEither if you are European or not, the most important issue when it comes to program your vacations in the old continent is to pick and optimize the implies of transport. The world-famous European Rail Timetable (formerly the Thomas Cook European Rail Timetable) is the train traveller’s bible, with route maps and up-to-date timetables for trains, buses and ferries for all European nations, plus trains in Asian Turkey and Russia including the Trans-Siberian railway, ferries to North Africa & the Mediterranean islands.

There are two primary approaches you can earn points and redeem miles for your European rail travel: making use of specific credit cards to make your purchases that never charge foreign transaction fees and that either offer earning or redemption bonuses on travel purchases or (if you strategy on traveling a lot with a single certain line or inside one particular country) by joining a line’s loyalty plan.

Starting in London (immaculate English gardens, globe-class buying, a vivid nightlife, culture, theater and magnificent Royal palaces to discover) Paris (a haven for the romantics of the planet, the City of Lights gives grand boulevards, intimate alleys, museums, incomparable cuisine and wines) and finally Amsterdam (the charming, eclectic city set on canals visit historical sights, get pleasure from standard almond cakes and take in the great atmosphere of diversity and coexistence).

Just be aware that most train reservation systems won’t let you choose which side of the train to sit as the train or carriage could enter service either way round, but remember that on trains where reservation is optional (domestic trains in Benelux countries, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, much of Eastern Europe) you can sit exactly where you like if your reserved seat is on the ‘wrong’ europe by train

Following queuing for a couple of minutes and explaining our situation to the ticket workplace expecting to spend for yet another seat, we had been amazed to be told that she would swap us to the next train free of charge of charge, and as it really is a quieter train we would get some funds back as the reservations aren’t so costly, in spite of it becoming our fault!

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