How to Cash in on Being a Knowledgeable and Fun Travel Blogger

Travelers often fit into three categories: the first timers, the occasionals, and the all-the-timers. There is a wealth of knowledge to spread across all types of travelers, well-seasoned or not, but this article is specific for those that want to cash in on their extensive travels across this country and others.

For travelers with a list of places to be, things to do, and blogs to update, this blog is all for you with DIYs on how to spread your knowledge while you hop from one destination to the next.

Start a Travel Blog and Garner Audiences by Befriending Other Bloggers and Working into Their Niche

Beginning a travel blog is a good way to get yourself heard and put your name on a possible business later on. That said, there are hundreds of bloggers in the world, and each is involved in their own version of the same niches. Make this work to your advantage.

Befriend other bloggers to learn more about their audiences. Then make those bloggers your networking allies. You market together, blog together, and engage the same audiences together—at least until you establish yourself.

Or Begin with a Travel Blog Without Paragraphs—Only Use Beautiful Self-Taken Photographs and Short Sentences to Describe Your Destinations

Sometimes the best travel blogs are ones that speak through beautiful photographs—preferably photos that are self-taken. But instead of droning on in lengthy paragraphs, write a sentence or two to describe what’s happening in your pictures. Make your descriptions attention-grabbing and engaging with some words of information about where you went and what you did there. If your vacay consisted of North Carolina beachfront rentals, describe it in those terms but with better creativity.

Tip: End your post with knowledgeable advice on what others should do or avoid about your latest destinations.

Pre-Plan Your Destinations by Interacting with Your Audiences and Taking Polls of Where to Go Next Make your travel blog an interactive, communicative experience. Preplan your blogs. Ask your audiences, either directly on the blog or through social media profiles, about what they want to see next. Throw a few destinations in a poll (make sure you have the budget for any of those places) and go where the most people vote for.

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