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europe travel destinationsEncompassed by the ski fields and precipitous summits of the Austrian and French Alps and the winding waterways of the River Po, the northern Italian area of Piedmont is a land of rolling vineyards and red-hued villages regal cityscapes like Turin and beautiful hilltop castles. Transportation: Rail Europe has a range of passes, but for any trip more than 5 hours, opt for a quicker, cheaper no-frills airline Want to drive?Check the aggregators , as well as consolidators like Auto Europe For a longer trip, a brief-term lease of a brand-new Renault or Peugeot will be cheaper—and offer you greater insurance coverage coverage—than a two-week rental.

If you are not a EU/EEA citizen, bear in mind to get a travel insurance coverage policy, although some countries do give cost-free emergency care for guests, any follow-up remedy and repatriation is your personal duty, and some countries anticipate you to foot the entire bill for any therapy your self – the fabled universal healthcare method does not equal free of charge remedy for non EU citizens.europe travel destinations

Scandinavia (except Denmark), Eastern Europe and Russia specially have an affection for Vodka, and if you’ve so far only tried the usual suspects like Smirnoff or Absolut you must try the Vodka there, you may just end up surprised at how tasty the stuff can truly be. Elsewhere, most regions have a local speciality that regional drinking comrades will happily fill in you, and eagerly wait for your funny faces when your throat and taste-buds screams in agony.

We know luxury travel in Europe: we’ve survived 18 holes on championship Hyperlinks in Ireland, cycled across 13 countries, visited hidden Soviet bunkers in the Baltics, watched the Northern Lights from natural hot springs in Iceland, floated in the Mediterranean and sailed the Greek isles, sampled whiskey from the barrel and tomatoes from the vine, donned a fermen in Croatia and the softest linen in Venice, and even dined with royals in a castle.

Despite an ever increasing competitors from the United States and nations with new found wealth, Europe is nevertheless the spiritual residence of classical music and Opera, and the a variety of European capitals are property to some incredible ‘old world’ opera houses, where the hundreds of years of history, often enhances the experience into something otherworldly.

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