Yogyakarta Travel

Yogyakarta or which can be called by the name of Jogja is one of the provinces in the name of the country of Indonesia, Yogyakarta city frequented by tourists both local and foreign tourists. Bordering the province of Central Java and has many interesting sights and full of history such as beaches, mountains, palace, temple, and culinary course. No less interesting to the tourist attractions in the province of Bali and other regions in Indonesia.

Here are some sites that you can visit if you have vacation plans to the province of Yogyakarta.

Prambanan temple

As one of the largest Hindu temples in Indonesia, Prambanan must enter a list of sites that you should visit. Prambanan stand up crowing with a height of 47 meters have relief carvings around the walls that tell the story of Ramayana and Krishnayana. Located on the border between Yogyakarta and Klaten, about 17 KM from the city center jogja

Parangtritis beach

Yogyakarta has tritis nature parang beach. A famous beach in Jogja is very unique because it has dunes on the edge if the surrounding community called dune, sand dunes that look like desert gives the different sights and unique when compared to other beaches. Here also there where rental ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) and a gig for down the shore. In addition, also here can be used for paragliding in the hills parangdog.
But beachgoers machete tritis not recommended to do water activities like swimming because ombakdan strong winds, because the location of the beach facing the Indian Ocean.

Jalan Malioboro

Your trip is not complete if they do not enjoy the road malioboro. The road name is very popular with local tourists and foreign tourists because in this way you will find a lot of stalls selling a variety of goods at low prices. Various types of souvenirs such as clothing, batik, bags, sandals, key chains, accessories, and a variety of other unique items. When the evenings you will find many food vendors Lesbian Jogja along the way, and the music of the street musicians.

Keraton Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta calm with other areas because here the customs or the empire still well preserved until sekarang.Keraton or imperial palace is a tourist place in jogja you should not lewatkan.Di palace of Yogyakarta you can get to know and see from close istaa which became the residence of the sultans, you can also see a collection of historical objects in the museum portion of the sultanate was a gift from the royal europe
If you wish to visit the palace of Yogyakarta then you have to leave early, because the palace is only open starting at 8 am and close at 2 pm. If you are in the palace keep your attitude and behave in a courteous

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