Chennai: The Seaside Gem of the South

There are two places associated with the grandeur and the cultural richness of the lifestyle that the Nawabs adopted, in India. One of them is Lucknow, while the other one in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is one of the largest and most important cities in South India. Earlier, it served as the capital of Andhra Pradesh, but it is currently the capital of the newly formed state of Telangana. However, Hyderabad legally serves as the capital of both the states up to a certain period. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities and has a great future ahead.

Having said all this, it is of no doubt that one must think about escaping the hustle-bustle of the city once in a while. Most people are unable to take long leaves for vacations, so they prefer weekend getaways. Weekend trips are not only cost and time effective, but they also provide the much -needed break from a life revolving primarily around work. In this context, Chennai is a great option as a weekend getaway from Hyderabad, with Hyderabad to Chennai flights comprising of only 1 hour 30 minutes on an average. Keep reading to come across the major attractions that the Tamil capital has to offer-


Chennai, whose erstwhile name is Madras, is located on the east coast of India, which is bordered by the Bay of Bengal. Therefore, beaches are undoubtedly the major attractions of the city. The main beach, located at the heart of the city, is Marina Beach. It is the second longest urban beach in the world, as well as the longest beach in India. Other beautiful beaches in Chennai include Besant Nagar Beach (also called Elliot’s Beach), Thiruvanmiyur Beach, Covelong Beach and the famous Mahabalipuram Beach.


There aren’t too many forts in Chennai, but one major attraction since the British Rule is the St. George Fort. Possibly the only fort in the city, it was built by the East India Company in 1644 in then Madras. At present, the fort is in good condition and serves as a museum for tourists. It also has a church and houses the ruling government of Tamil Nadu.


One could easily call Chennai as the city of temples. This metro city houses some of the most beautiful and architecturally significant religious monuments of the country. Not only from India but people from across the world visit to see these life-sized manmade wonders. The major temples of Chennai are Ekambareswarar Temple, Parthasarathy Temple, ThirumalaThirupathiDevasthanam Temple, Shree Chandraprabhu Jain NayaMandir and others.


One needs to get out of their one-way approach to South Indian food in order to truly appreciate the diverse gastronomically map of Chennai. Forget that South Indian cuisine comprises only idli and dosa, especially in Chennai, because the local cuisine has largely been influenced by the plethora of communities settled here over the course of centuries. Filter coffee is their prized possession. You can find a good cuppa practically anywhere in the city. Other local dishes that you should definitely try are masala dosa, traditional South Indian thali, fried seafood, sundal and the Chicken 65 from Buhari restaurant.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to reach Chennai from Hyderabad is to take a Hyderabad to Chennai flights. If you book in advance, you can easily find countless discounts and offers, making your journey cheaper than usual. Hasta la vista!

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