Staying Safe On The Bus

Sometimes, public transportation is your only option for getting to work or getting to the places in town you need to go to in order to get food or pay bills. Although the Galveston Island bus service is usually safe for passengers to enjoy, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind so that you reach your destination and get back home without any issues.

Unless you have someone riding the bus with you or you know the people who ride the bus on a regular schedule, then try not to be approachable to others. If people sense that you are friendly and that you’ll talk to them, then you might begin talking and miss your bus stop or encounter someone who tries to overwhelm you in other ways. Keep all of your personal belongings in a bag or as close to your body as possible so that they aren’t lost or taken. Although you need to pay attention to your surroundings because you don’t want to miss your stop, try to enter your own special place on the bus to make the ride seem a bit shorter. This also helps to block out the screaming kids who might be on there or some of the adults who might not be pleasant to be around.

One way to keep people from talking to you is to pretend that you don’t speak English. If you give others a questioning look or you appear as though you don’t understand what they are saying, then you can have an enjoyable and quiet bus ride. If you’re going to be on the bus for a few hours, then you should take something to do, such as a book or headphones so that you can listen to music. Avoid playing music too loud or playing games so that everyone knows every move you make because this can make other passengers unhappy.

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